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07 September 2012 @ 06:46 pm
I think I might have to go on a hiatus TT^TT...for the past week and a half, I've been going to volleyball practice and trying to buy all the school supplies I need. Today was Book Day, which means that I start school TOMORROW. I've heard some...erm...pretty bad rumors about being a sophomore and the majority of them is based on the fact we will have no time for a personal life or for personal time. JOY.

Last year as a freshie, I already felt like I had no life at all...I DON'T WANT TO BE A SOPHOMORE...why can't I be a senior already?

Anyway, a possible hiatus might be coming up. I don't really know for sure. Or this lj could just be updated once a week only. Again, I don't know since it all depends if I have time. Sorry for the horrible news!
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30 October 2011 @ 03:07 am
It's been what, two years since I've made this? Boy do I feel horrible for neglecting this. But, you know, I made a tumblr (two in fact) and it made me forget about this.
I'm 16 now, a junior. Back then I was a freshman becoming a sophomore. How things pass.
I'm on a diet now, and I've lost 16 pounds. I created an asianfanfic account and wrote my own story, Salon Serendipity. And I'm still fangirling over Super Junior. I guess some things never change.
29 May 2011 @ 03:00 pm
Wow. This school year is almost over! Finals are this week, and I should be studying but I've gotten too lazy after the APs. How is everyone? As for me, I've lost faith in justice. So many guys are cheating at school, and no one's doing anything about it. Why? Because my sexist pig of a bio teacher likes guys. So if we were to tell on them, our grades would be affected...not theirs! It was so frustrating to see two boys passing notes during the final...I wanted to shout at them but I couldn't. What to do? What to do? I seriously hate this.

Anyway, aside from that little rant, I'm really happy. I've made new ones, discovered who's actually really bitchy, and got closer to a few. Volleyball season was a success, and I'm joining Yearbook this coming year. I took two APs, one for bio and another for European history. I don't think I did well on them, but who cares? 

I never planned on updating this livejournal. But after I made a tumblr, it made decide that I should post on this once in a while...Maybe after every six months or so. Haha!

I wonder if anyone will notice this message ? Oh well, it was nice knowing the friends I made on here.

And I'm really obsessed with Beast's "Fiction"! But their dance does remind of a penguin waddling...
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17 November 2010 @ 12:24 am
its been a month since i posted, and i feel horrible for neglecting this.
but i'm sorry to say...that i think i might be closing this account.  well, not officially "closing" it. it'll still be open since i do want to occasionally check out what's going on, but i wont be updating anymore...or at least not that frequently.
you see, school's been horrible + everything's been piling up; i just dont have time for lj anymore...especially since i need to keep up my grades. and i've started a different blog too -_-'' it's more personal, and i have friends who have accounts too. so its easier for them to understand me...does that make sense?

the past two months that i were active were really fun. i really enjoyed making new friends and reading fanfics and just reading about your life. thanks for putting up with me :]

on a last note...WHAT IS UP WITH THE SPAM ACCOUNTS?! they're so annoying! and i really dont need to watch porn. thats disgusting.

anyway, thanks for time :]

04 October 2010 @ 11:28 pm
One month of school has passed, and it's finally October.  It is such a "fun-packed" month since there's the rummage sale my grade is hosting in order to gain money for prom next year, Homecoming (for which I have to find a date -.-x), my mother's birthday, my parents' anniversary, & Halloween! Plus the fact that there is still volleyball . . .

But you know, I'm fine with that. I'm happy with life and school isn't half bad.


I've seriously watched it like 50 times, and it only came out this morning!!  Ahhh Taemin & Minho ;] 
And they're new songs are ridiculously good, especially Key's & Minho's rap song, which is kind of surprising since I don't like rap.


And apparently SM Town might be coming back next year? or next next year? Idk, but my Korean friend said they might selling tickets this coming summer! And I'm FOSHO GOING. :]

Suju finally gets their well deserved break ~! I was starting to think that SM was being a bitch. It's only a week, but it's a week of fun and refreshment! Most of them (including Hae & Kyu) are in Italy while Heechul is in the U S of A ! Maybe I'll see Heechul?! I hopee soo! Of course Shingdong & Siwon aren't going since they're filming but I hope they end soon and can get their break!
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19 September 2010 @ 05:05 pm
Don't you hate it when there's this nagging voice inside your head? No? Well, I do. Right now, it's been telling me to change my lj layout. It's not that I don't like it...it's just that it's time to change it, you know? I think I should go borrow someone's premade layout, but I really want to make my own too...So for right now, any links to Super Junior or Shinee layouts?

I've been too busy to follow up on those Kpop news...and I still haven't listened to 2NE1's new album either. I've heard mixed reviews, such as "too much autotone" or "I really, really like it!".....and I've sorta seen their MV....All I know is that there's Big Bang dancing in the background. But I guess I shouldn't be that surprised in seeing them; after all, the YG Family are really close.

It's frustrating that I can't find any pictures of the supposed Big Bang in the MV...urghh.

07 September 2010 @ 10:31 pm
Ahhh, since I still have some time before I go to bed, I thought I should update a bit ~

My friends who could go to SM Town (they bought $120 seats!) finally posted their fancams on facebook! Yayyyy, now I can go see what happened :D I'm a bit depressed with the duet between Seohyun (that's her name, right?) & Kyuhyun...Their voices mixed well together and the song was so pretty, but I just didn't like the fact that Kyu did it with a SNSD member. *sigh* I like their songs but I personally don't like the members at all. (I'm sorry if I am insulting any SNSD fans out there....This is just my preference.)

But AHHHHHHHH HEECHUL'S SONG + HENRY PLAYING THE VIOLIN. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS FREAKING FANCAM. Gahhhh, my favorite Chinese boy + Heechul ~ ahhhhhh, you have no idea how happy I am to hear about this! And I'm glad that Heechul is no longer that depressed about Hangeng leaving...HEECHUL, SUJU FIGHTING!

Zhou Mi's duet? Oh gosh, his voice is just sexy :] I love love love his voice!

And Onew......what can I say? Instead of delivering Chinese takeout...he delivered pizza instead! Way to incorporate some American pride ! He is so precious, especially with his fascination with chicken xD (But I'm pretty bummed to hear that he prefers dating older women...)

TAEMIN. What else is there to say?! HE IS SO CUTE. His dance moves? OH GOD. Him + Piano = Sexiness. There's nothing else to say. He's just damn sexy.

Minho + Key + Eunhyuk + Shingdong's AYO Rap! Oh man, Minho is so cute with his spiked up hair :) And Key...always being the diva! I wonder if he sang Tic Toc at the concert? Eunhyuk? Oh man, GORGEOUS. And Shingdong? I'm happy that he's getting married soon !!

DONGHAE. I love his hair! I never thought he'd look good with short hair, but boy did he prove me wrong!!!!! His part in No Other was just L.O.V.E. 

I think that's it from all the famcams I saw....Well, that's all my brain could muster at the moment. It's 10:30, and I think it's time for me to go to bed xD I should go lj cut this post, but................................I'll do it another time. For now, just bear with the long post!
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02 September 2010 @ 12:33 am
Anyway, I don't think I ever said this BUT I ALMOST GOT TO GO TO THE SM TOWN LIVE CONCERT!! Of course the seats were going to be really crappy (they were the $40 ones) but at least I was going to see Suju (Donghae and Kyuhyun) and Shinee (Minho and Taemin)! But I couldn't go because 1. None of my k-pop friends could go; 2. those that were already going had really good seats (the $120 seats); and 3. my parents wouldn't take me...I was actually planning to go to one of those fanmeetings because I heard they were selling posters but now...I might have to ask my friends that are going to buy them for me. Gahhhhhh I want to go so badly!

Anddddd I think the SM Town family arrived at LA today! Eeep! I hope I get to see them on the streets ^^
Didn't Wookie just tweet a picture of him? It looked like he was in a hotel lobby or in a hotel room so I'm assuming they got here safe and sound :)
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28 August 2010 @ 04:29 pm
Please have a moment of silence, and pray for the remaining seven Hong Kong citizens who had to watch their loved ones die when a former officer hijacked their tour bus in the Philippines.


~I pray that the remaining seven can go past this ordeal and continue to live on. I cannot imagine the immense grief and anger they are feeling right now, but I hope that they live past this. It will be hard, but please have some faith.~
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27 August 2010 @ 05:57 pm
I'm extremely mad and disappointed at allkpop.com. They actually mistranslated an interview on Hankyung (or Hangeng). In this article, they claimed that he had once wanted to commit suicide due to all the stress and illnesses he had when he was still under SM Entertainment. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE. Hangeng was only saying that he had read an article where an artist described 'how he didn't feel happy or fulfilled, and that in the end, his heart kept feeling frustrated and pressured' and how that article completely described how Hangeng had felt when he was still under SM. Go here for the article that allkpop wrote; comment #316 is the actual translation of the interview.

GAH...although this article is a week old, I felt the urge to make the clarification on here because 1. I have recently seen many coverage on Suju's Super Show 3 in Hong Kong; 2. the Chinese entertainment talk shows and entertainment news have been showing clips of Hangeng's interview and his newest album's success; and 3. I have recently read an article of the interview in a magazine. 

I seriously can't even remember why I went on allkpop to read about Hangeng's newest news....I already knew they were biased but...T_T

I really miss the times when Suju was still 13. I wish Hangeng would stop the legal feud with SM, but I also don't want his freedom and happiness taken away again. As a C-Pop fan, I'm glad that he's back and that he's gaining success as a solo artist but as a K-Pop fan, I want him back with Suju (and Heechul). *sigh* This is seriously so conflicting....................

Ahhhh, anyway that's pretty much all I wanted to say about this matter. 

Pictures of Hangeng w/ SujuCollapse )
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